Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Do not hide your face from me; in you I put my trust

If any of you pray the Liturgy of the Hours, you may recognize these words as an antiphon (a saying said before the Psalm is read) during Night Prayer; or you may just recognize part of it from Psalm 27:9.  

ANYway, as I was praying Night Prayer last night, I was really struck by this particular antiphon.  The writer of Psalm 27:9 seems to be crying out to the Lord for His help, asking Him to not turn away.  And, it's a common acclimation one makes when in distress or time of need, right?  But, I read it from the Lord's perspective (this is not the first time, but it just jumped out at me in this way... God clearly wanted to tell me something!).

So, imagine God saying to you, "Do not hide your face from me, in YOU I put my trust."  Um, whoa.  Think about it, we have all heard our entire lives that we have a purpose, God has a specific purpose and path for you, me, mom, dad, brother, sister, wife, husband, daughter, son, grandma, grandpa... get the idea?  Now, sometimes that plan is found easily, and sometimes it takes a while with a few wrong turns or detours here and there.  Either way, we all hope to find the purpose of our lives and what we are supposed to be doing.  And you know what, God wants us to turn to Him, rely on Him and completely trusts us to find it.  He trusts us that we will fulfil the purpose He has set out for us.  God has put His trust in US.  In ME.

I don't know what you think about that, but I find that to be some intense stuff.  God has put His trust in me?  Little ol' crazy me? It really makes me think about my life and what I am doing with it.  If God has created it and trusts ME to fulfil a purpose, it must be important.  And, every single person's life in this world is important, too.

I think that is why my Honduran Adventure is so important to me.  I truly believe this is what God has planned for me, right now, at this time in my life.  To be honest, I am not sure that I know what His plans are for the rest of my life, and that's ok (I have to remind myself of that quite often, though... b/c I would really like to know!).  He will reveal it to me when I am ready, so that I will be open to hearing what He wants, just as it worked out for this (REALLY hard sometimes...).

It is also important because the kids (and people, namely from the clinic) I will be serving in Honduras all have a purpose, as well.  NPH is phenomenal at helping the pequenos realize their potential and ultimately their purpose.  I get to be part of that.  I get to be an instrument God uses to help others realize that they, too, are important and matter.

And that is an amazing and powerful thing.

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