Friday, May 25, 2012


I know I haven’t been a very good blogger these days, but things have been pretty busy, and the Internet has been acting weird lately.   I will try harder!

Right now, I was wondering if I could discuss with you some things.  First, please, please, please keep NPH in your prayers always.  I have said this before, but I just like to remind you all.  :)  God is seriously doing some amazing things here, even though it’s hard to see all of the time, when the demand and frustrations of every day life get in the way.  But, it’s true.  There are so many good people that God is using to help, teach, encourage and love these kids here on the Ranch.  Everyone works so hard, and I just feel like they could use a few extra prayers.

Also, I was wondering if you could pray for the External Clinic, as well.  Yes, that is where I work everyday, to help provide affordable healthcare to the surrounding communities (sometimes even 4 hours away!) around the Ranch.  Every day we see anywhere from 20-40 patients who receive care for a variety of things, from common colds and allergies to diabetes and hypertension.  We also have a functioning laboratory, where again we can provide people with an affordable option to get exams that otherwise they wouldn’t be able to.  We are not a hospital, nor are we able to help every single person that comes through, but we are always willing, and I think that’s a big thing in and of itself.

It’s an amazing blessing that NPH is able to support this type of clinic.  It’s even been said that when finances are a struggle we would never shut down or close the External Clinic.  The Ranch has built an amazing relationship with the outside community; it would be a tragedy both to the people we help on a daily basis, and the great example it is to the kids.   And, sometimes I worry that the clinic is going to fall apart!  We are full into the rainy season here… and it rains a lot!  Lately, we have had some of the heaviest rains I have experienced.  With that type of rain comes some problems like leaks.  And the clinic has some leaks!  We have enough money to get a new roof, but we are now waiting for a little more to help out with a re-model of the clinic and lab!  We don’t want to put a new roof on right away and then have to remove it again to fix the inside.  It’s a very exciting prospect, but something that we will just have to wait and see.  I specifically ask that you pray that this remodel happens, so that all of our medications, pharmacy supplies, patient charts, etc are protected!

I would also like to take this moment to thank ALL of the people that support the External Clinic through pray, monetary donations or medical/pharmacy supplies!  It’s because of you all that we are able to touch as many lives as we do.  A little shout out to the people (from Germany, I believe!) who donated a MONTON (HUGE) amount of medications to help our kids AND the External.  It was seriously like Christmas morning getting all of those boxes.  And, thanks to my mom for all of the awesome diabetic supplies!  I can't wait for the next Dia de Diabetes. :)

Thank you for reading, listening and praying.  It means a lot.
Paz y Amor

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welp, I have some exciting news...

This would be the mechanism that is now giving the volunteer house HOT WATER!!!!  I know I came to Honduras to live a simpilar life, and maybe not having hot water was a good thing.  But, it was a donation, and I have always been a fan of free things.  So, I don't want to offend the donator by NOT using the hotness. :)

And this...

I know this doesn't look like anything special to you, but trust me, it's pretty amazing.  Inside this box, people from Italy donated a BAKERY!  A legit, stainless steel bakery.  For bread.  And, let me tell you... the bread is TO DIE FOR!! :)  The baker is teaching some older kids how to run it, so that we can continue with the amazing bread.

And this evening, the Italians are treating us to real. Italian. PIZZA.  This girl is excited! :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Asi es!

Well, I have completed 4 months here on the Ranch and 5 months in Honduras, and here are just a few things I would like to share… asi es aqui en Honduras (so it is here is Honduras!):

·      I think that seasons should be marked by the bugs/creatures.  When I first got to the Ranch, the cicadas were NUTS, then came the ronrons (these really stupid bugs that buzz really loud, fly into things and then die), now the frogs are out everywhere, along with the flies and these weird moth looking things.
·      I don’t freak out too badly when the power goes out anymore.  When I first got here I felt like my stomach would fall out, now my heart just skips for a hot second.
·      I made a cake the other day, and was really, really bummed to find that these tiny, obnoxious ants were all over it.  Ugh.  Everyone was like, ‘just ice it, no one will know.’  Really?  Um, ok.  So, I scraped some away, iced it, and served it.  Everyone ate it, including me.
·      The sound of the rain pounding on our metal roof is one of the best sounds.
·      I have become a person that dresses like a dude and performs a dance with the other volunteers in front of the entire Ranch.
·      Cockroaches are still really creepy bugs.
·      It’s been so hot these days that my cold shower actually feels good sometimes.  I never thought I would say that.  (Nor do I use it all of the time, there are a few people that have the heaters for the showers.)
·      The frogs sound like aliens, not the normal “ribbit”.
·      When the Internet is out… it’s really not the end of the world.  It’s actually a little refreshing.
·      One of the girls (as in one of the girls that works there) brought a kitten to the clinic the other day… to the clinic.  It was hanging out and such.  No one seemed to mind.
·      It’s really exciting when the kids here know your name, and they yell it.  For no reason at all.

There are many things that I could add to this list, but I will leave it at that.  I will create another one soon, I am sure.

Abrazos y Amor!