Friday, April 06, 2012

San Vicente y Mi Cuarto

Yes, yes... it's finally that time!  The tour of my home, and a bit of my room. :)  Enjoy!

The front of our house San Vicente de Paul:

Walking into the iron gate, which leads to our common area/ living room:

Said common area and living space, which is in front of the kitchen:

La Cocina (yes, where the cockroaches seem to LOVE!):

When walking in from the front gate, there are stairs to the left that lead to the roof:

The roof:

The view from the house from the roof, as you can see it's in a rectangle with the living space/kitchen below where I am taking the pic, and the rooms surrounding the courtyard/volleyball area:

A view of some mountains :)

Right after the stairs to the left is our laundry/storage area:

And right before you walk into the laundry room, you are at the top of pasillo izquierda (left hallway).  My room is the last door.  Pasillo derecha is identical, with the rooms on the right.

This is the view from the end of pasillo I, close to my room, looking toward the kitchen:

And then just turn a little and this is the back hallway, where the dorms are (where we were for the first month). And, yes those are my clothes drying! :)

I walked back up pasillo D, and this is the view into the living area:

 Now begins the pics of my room.  Amanda and I still haven't changed our door decorations and do not have curtains (currently there are mismatched blankets hung), so I have purposely taken the pics so you don't see those! :)

This is what you see right when you walk in, our wardrobe.  We are lucky to have this, not everyone does!  Amanda's stuff is on the left, and mine is on the right.

I want to show this off, b/c I am very proud of this crafty moment I had.  I had found shoestrings on the Free Table (remember that?) and thought it would be useful for something.  Well, when I needed to figure out what to do with my jewelry, this is what I came up with!  Please, please, hold the applause for later! ;)

To the left of our wardrobe is our bathroom:

Closer view:

To the left of the bathroom is our closet/pantry area.  Don't judge me, the shoes underneath the shelf are mine, I brought a lot.  I am glad I did! :)

If you keep turning to your left you will see the door, and then again, my bed.  I just love the mosquito net, it makes my bed look so whimsical!  And, you can't see it here, but my Nemo blanket is on the foot of the bed. :)  All the comforts of home!

And some details of the pics I put under the window:

 Wall of pictures behind my bed and desk:

 And my desk:

Amanda's side looks pretty similar.  You can see you desk just a tad in the pic above, and her bed is positioned the same way, on the left.  Once we have real curtains and have our own decorations on the door, I will update you with those! :)  I hope you all have enjoyed your tour, and will visit again soon!


  1. Hi Jen - thanks for the tour! Looks like you are getting nicely settled in.

  2. Hi sweetie
    I enjoyed the tour! Thanks for filling in the missing puzzle pieces when I try to imagine your life there. One day I'll see for myself! I love you!!