Saturday, July 21, 2012

Good Days.

The first week of training Alissa, the new nurse, has been going well.  It's fun to kind of see things through her eyes... not knowing how things work, being nervous, being overwhelmed, but always getting excited about everything.  It's refreshing and really nice to see. :)  And, reminds me of how far I have come, even if I don't feel like it all of the time.

It was a weird week in parts b/c Wednesday, the WHOLE ranch (meaning, all the kids, tios/tias, employees, teachers, etc) had a day that they cleaned the ranch.  I am still not quite sure what the point of it was... some say to help decrease the risk of Dengue (a disease from mosquitos), others say to prepare for Olimpiadas.  But, who knows?  I, though, did not participate b/c I had to return to Immigration YET again, to get my residency card.  I had low hopes that it would even be ready, considering my experience for the last 5 months has been not so great.  But... to my wonderful, wonderful surprise... it was!  I am an official and legal resident of this great country, Honduras.

Yes, it's backwards.  I know.

The kid, J, is still in the hospital... so there was some drama/confusion about who is supposed to be with him.  So, it has made our staffing a little tight/stretched these days, which also meant that I had to do another turno in the internal clinic.  It was an interesting night of being with some obnoxious/bratty teenagers.  Yup, they are the same everywhere.

Friday... I had a good day.  I don't remember the last time that I could say that honestly.  And, it feels good.  It's encouraging.  It gives me hope.  And, these are good things, considering I have 6 months left here.  I poured out my heart to some good friends recently, and they have been sending some much needed prayers this way.  And, I think I can really feel the effects of the Holy Spirit. :)  Woo!  And, of course, having an amazing family of unwavering support is always a plus, too.  I just hope I can hold on to this and enjoy these next months here.

Welp, I am enjoying a work-free weekend, relaxing and chatting with friends.  I have a little over TWO weeks until my mom is here and we get to relax on the beach.  Who wouldn't be looking forward to that?!  And, Olimpiadas fever has started.  In August, there will be a week of crazy activities and competitions, where the ENTIRE ranch participates.  We have just found out what teams we are on.  From here on out, we have meetings with our teams to plan, decorate, come up with a dance and other crazy things.  I am not sure what to expect, other than it is sure to be fun, tiring, entertaining and create a lot of memories.

To that, I will say "¡nos vemos!" (see you!). :)
Abrazos y Amor!

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