Friday, August 03, 2012

Despidida y Brigada

It's been a pretty busy week.  The brigade began in full swing with consults Thursday through Saturday.  I worked with the dermatologist most of the time, who was just doing many consults and minor excisions of various things.  I was also able to interpret for some of the ortho consults, too.  And, ya know what?  My Spanish has improved.  I remember reflecting on it the last brigade and thinking that it wasn't very good back then.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, and think that it's just totally awesome.  It's not.  But, it's better, and that is a good thing. :)  And, I have to keep reminding myself of that when I am frustrated and think that I know nothing!

We interrupted the brigade to say goodbye to some of the old volunteers with their despidida.  It was much harder this time to say goodbye, as I have grown close to the ladies that were leaving.  We had a great dinner at one of the local places, had some drinks and went out dancing.  It was a fun (and very late) night!  It's just awesome when all of the volunteers can be together, in one place, at the same time.

Irene and I... so cute. :)  Miss you already!

ALL of us! :)  Such a big group!  I love you all!

Kate!!  I miss you, too!

Roomies!  :)

A few of the newbies. :)

Monday came along, and Alissa (pictured above in the last pic, on the right) and I decided to split our time between the external and helping with the brigade.  I think it worked out well.  It was a little different experience for me this time, as I already had a brigade under my belt.  I kind of felt like I belonged this time, but it's still weird not knowing all of these people who come to help for the brigade, at this place that has become like a home.  It's always hard to share your home with so many people, ya know?  But, it's what the Ranch is about it.  Bring people in to help love, teach and be there for our kids and the outside community.  It's also hard b/c it's all things American.  Ha, all of the English, good food, and American medical standard.  I miss it.  All of it.  I am not sure what I miss more though, hospital nursing or things that remind me of home.  Who knows?!

My time during the brigade was running back and forth from pre-op to phase 1 (where the patients go right after surgery) and phase 2 (where the patients are awake, can start drinking something, and can see family) to peaking in on the surgeries.  Because my Spanish is better, I felt more comfortable explaining things and helping out with discharge.  I didn't take any pics this time, other than when I was scrubbed in helping with a knee arthroscopy.  Well, of course, I didn't take them, one of the girls did! 
Haha, all scrubbed, waiting to dress in my sterile stuff.

Listening intently to Dr. Daly

Oh yea!

Don't you just love my 60's style goggles?! :)

Welp, that's about all that's going on here.  The countdown is in FULL swing to see my mom... FIVE daysssss! :) :)  I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait.  Just TWO more days of work and then this much needed time to be with my mom, relax, reflect and recharge.

¡Abrazos y Paz!

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