Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I officially accepted the position at NPH 1 week ago... when I hit that "send" button, that's when it hit me, "HOLY CRAP I AM GOING TO HONDURAS!" :)

With that realization comes the realization of everything else that I have to do.  I will not bore you all with those details, but trust me, there is quite a bit.  And, yes, I am overwhelmed.  I know, it's all part of the process, but, let's face it, that really doesn't make it any less overwhelming.  My loverly (yup, lovERly) mom began a list on my iPhone of things I need to do.  This is great, expect now it's become a thing.  The List.  "Jen, it's ok, you have The List.  Add that and add this."  Or even in talking with friends or other family members, "I know you are overwhelmed, but be sure you make a list."  I want to tell everyone, "duh, I have The List."  The problem with The List at this point, is that it is growing and growing before I can even cross anything off!  So, that's what makes it that much more... you got it, overwhelming.

Now, I know that The List is good, and it's helpful to begin prioritizing and all that jazz.  And, if my mom didn't start it, I probably would still be trying to figure out what needs to go on The List first.  Moms are so good like that.

Speaking of Moms, I would like to take this moment to really thank her.  She has been an absolute amazing support since January, when I first brought this up.  Yes, she is scared and nervous and worried... but she is also really excited and happy and proud that I am following my heart.  She has been so encouraging, I am pretty sure that if she wasn't, I would not be taking this leap of faith to Honduras.  So, Mom... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  I wish I had some amazing quote to put here, so instead I will say, that I hope I am half the mom you are someday. :)  I love you... MOST!

As more and more people are finding out about my Honduran Adventure (which I have now coined, and began using on Twitter. ha... I am so corny), the amount of support is awesome.  At first, people are surprised, then excited, then amazed. :)  The amount of love that I have received from my friends and family... and now coworkers and acquaintances, is confirmation that this really IS what the Lord has planned for me.  I love it.

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