Monday, September 05, 2011


So, I am really excited.  Would you expect anything different? :)

Now that I have my move behind me... I am in KS enjoying time with my brother, sis-in-law and beautiful niece, and have talked about Honduras a TON!  And, I love it. :)

I love answering questions and chatting about what I think my life will be like.  I, of course, have no idea.  I just can't believe that this is all happening.  There are no words that can really express what I am feeling about all of this.  I just want to get there, and begin this journey of a lifetime. 

I read a blog post from one of the current nurse volunteers, she was talking about the Olympiadas (Olympics in Spanish) which is a HUGE event at the home.  Every single person is involved... and it seems so awesome!  Reading things from the volunteers' blogs and articles from the NPH site, like this, just make me want to squeal with excitement!! ha.  Reminds of what an amazing organization that I am going to be a part of.

Ok, I think I am done for now. :)

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