Friday, February 03, 2012

A few updates

Well, it's been a little while since I was able to post.  This week was my first week in the clinic with Heather.  Overall, it went well.  I have had a few moments when I felt the exact same as I did when I first started working at Children's- overwhelmed, I don't know anything and I am inadequate!  Ha, BUT it's part of the process and I know it will get better.  Everything just has an added barrier due to language.  Again, it will just take some time.

On Monday, all of the volunteers ventured into the city to visit an IHNFA home, which is the child welfare system.  It's in rough shape.  These kids come in from off the streets and are only allowed to stay for 3 months, and then are "placed" in another home.  The home we visited was the boys, 12-18, and most of them are on their 6th, 7th, maybe even 8th visit.  The place has no water to shower with.  They don't go to school while they are there.  If they are addicted to drugs or alcohol, they have no detox program.  So, the kids here on the Ranch, really have it made.  It was a good eye opening experience.

After that visit we went to the basilica, where a feria (basically a big flea market type thing) was happening because of the Virgin de Suyapa's feast day, which is today.  The kids here on the Ranch actually had a procession and then we had Mass.  It was nice.

There were guards protecting the statue of the Virgin... I thought it was interesting.

My birthday was good!  It was a low key day, where I actually forgot a few times if you can believe it! :)  But, after Hogar, it was really nice.  I had bought myself a Fun-fetti Cake to make for myself because I didn't want to make a big deal about my birthday around people that I don't really know.  But, to my surprise, two other volunteers, Gina and Lydia made me a pineapple cake from scratch!  It was really good, and so, so kind.  And, Amanda had taken my Captain Zoom CD (yes, the song that my mom plays for me every year on my birthday) and had someone play it as the cake was brought out.  It was a GREAT moment!  I was a little more embarrassed than I thought I was going to be... but everyone seemed to enjoy it, even though they had no idea what it was!  All of these people are new, and we don't really know each other, and they were so sweet to want to celebrate  with me!  It was a great evening.  Thank you to all of you for the wonderful emails, Skype dates and FB messages/posts.

Blowing out the candles, obviously.

Mmm... stuffing my face.  That hasn't changed!

My awesome card that Amanda made and everyone signed!

Everyone! :)  I am not sure why it was so blurry.

My Hogar is Casa Suyapa, on the boys side.  So, I have the littlest boys on the ranch!  I will be with them the whole year.  Yesterday was a little crazy, not going to lie.  But, that, too, can only get better! :) I have another weekend off, because we were also assigned our weekends on and off (turnos), and I am Turno B... this weekend is Turno A.  I actually think I will sleep in tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it! :)  I also may venture into Tegus, because I really need some more food!

I know I owe you all pics of my house, but I am going to wait until I move into my permanent room.  And, give me a little bit before I give you a tour of my walk to the clinic, the clinic itself and the Ranch. I will do that soon, I promise!

Still miss you all!

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  1. Great to hear about your first week in the clinic and the wonderful ways your new friends/coworkers celebrated you! <3