Thursday, February 16, 2012

La Clinica Externa

This is where I work... in pictures. :)  Enjoy!

A view of the mountains just past my house.

The walk from talleres (middle school) to the main school.

My walk past the school, which is on the left.

And then through a little rough area.

The last bit to the clinic.  The building you see is the porton (front gate of the Ranch).

La Clinica Externa, it's 7am and people are already waiting.

The admission/checkout/pharmacy/treatment area.

The pre-clinic area (vital signs, glucoses, etc).  Side note: the computer doesn't have a purpose.

Treatment room.

Doctor's office.

Another consult room.

The patient charts and pharmacy.

Treatment room, where mostly injections and IVs get done.

There is also a lab attached to the external clinic, but I didn't take any pictures.  I will get pictures of the quirofono (surgery center) someday soon.  I hope you have enjoyed the tour! :)  


  1. Thanks for the tour Nej... I recall the path through the ranch. You need to get a few pics of the hourses that roam the property on your way to the clinic. LOL... Love you.

  2. I loved the tour. Thanks for posting the pics. I feel like I have a sense of your daily journeys and it is way better than my mind imagined! Love you sweetie!

  3. Great tour! I'd love to know about how much/how far you walk on any given day. Love you, buddy! :)