Thursday, January 26, 2012

Las Montanas

As many of you know, I am beach girl.  I love going to the beach.  I love the sand.  I love the sound of the crashing waves.  And, I love all of the memories that have included the beach throughout my life.

Because of this love for the beach, I haven’t really given many other things a chance.  Plus, I am not really an outside person in general, so going hiking in the mountains or camping or skiing would never really be something I would do and/or enjoy. 

But, since being in Honduras for well over a month now, I have an appreciation for the MOUNTAINS in this country.  They are amazing.  It’s not something I even thought about prior, so I was surprised when they were EVERYWHERE!  They surround the airport, we twisted and turned on the way to Copan Ruinas, I traveled up and down them for various excursions, they are all the way to the coast, they are literally on the coast and even on Roatan.  Now that I am at NPH, we are surrounded by them, as well.  Travelling to and from Tegus, I have seen some of the most picturesque views of the mountains.

There is definitely something majestic and magical about them.  They are a natural beauty.  I am always reminded of God’s beauty when I see the ocean/beach, but I have been bombarded by His amazing beauty from the mountains, as well.  It’s also a great reminder that God is everywhere, even in a country where it’s not always safe to walk outside, people struggle to find food or are dying of very treatable/preventable diseases.  He is here and is everywhere.  And, that is awesome. 


  1. Glad to see you appreciating the beauty of your surroundings! Can't wait to see it myself! I love you!