Saturday, January 21, 2012

Los Hogares

There are many different homes (hogares) here on The Ranch, divided by girls (Talita Kumi), boys (Buen Pastor) and babies (Casa Suyapa).  Each hogar (there are about 6 in Talita Kumi and Buen Pastor) has kids of the same age and/or maturity level.  These first two weeks we (the newbies) get to go with the current volunteers to their hogares, so that we can get a feel for them, so we then can make a decision on which one we want to be with for the year.  It’s been a fun experience so far.  The kids definitely make this place. : )

In both Buen Pastor and Talita Kumi there are hogares for special needs kids (and even a few adults).  NPH also has a home in Tegus, Casa Angeles, for the severely mentally and physically handicapped.  Other than gang affiliation, NPH really accepts all kids, no matter where they come from, whether they have been to school, or if they have a disease/disorder/handicap.  It’s a pretty phenomenal thing.

There is also Casa Eva. This is a home of abuelos (grandparents).  These older people are not necessarily related to any of the kids on The Ranch, but really had no other place to go.  Some are HIV positive, some are really sick, and some are just old and have no family.  There is actually a young woman who had a stroke, and her three kids (the youngest in the baby home) live on The Ranch.  It’s such an awesome thing to have for both the pequenos and the abuelos to have each other.  Yesterday we had some café y pan (coffee and bread… such a Honduran thing) with them.  They love just chatting and laughing.  It was a great time.

Every other weekend we work, which means we are with our hogar for the day.  So, today, I have been with Hailey and her girls, Hermanas de Jesus, which are the really girly teenagers, who don’t like having new people around.  So, I was a little nervous about meeting them, but overall it has been good.  Most of them left me alone, but a few were really welcoming and helped me with my Spanish!

We have Mass this afternoon, and I am really looking forward to it.  All of us new voluntarios will also present ourselves in front of the almost FIVE hundred kids.  Ha, wish me luck!

Oraciones para ustedes! 


  1. Love reading your posts, Nej! Thanks for sharing your initial impressions of NPH since arriving. Miss you!!

  2. Well I finally caught up on your last several blogs since leaving Copan. Sounds like you are starting to settle day at a time. Good luck on your presentation - I'm sure you will do fine.

    Love Connie

  3. Sorry that you are not feeling well, but glad that you are adjusting better each day! I Love keeping up with you on this amazing journey, and I look forward to all of your adventures! I Love you sweetie! XOX