Thursday, December 29, 2011

La Comida

It is here... the thing you all have been waiting for... FOOD! :)  

What does that girl eat over there in Honduras?  Well, wait no longer.  I have compiled some pictures of food that my host mom has made me.  It's not everything, but it gives you a good idea.  Just a thought... don't read on an empty stomach. :) 

Buen Provecho (Bon appetit)! 

El Desauyuno (Breakfast):
Toast, eggs, pineapple (amazing!) and coffee

Plantains (love them!), beans and coffee

Pancakes (really popular!) and coffee

El Almuerzo (Lunch):
Spagetti, sauce, tortilla, and fresh lemonade

Tortilla con queso y vegetales (tortilla with cheese and veggies)

Tortilla, emanada, potatoes and chicken

La Cena (Dinner):
Different type of tortilla with cheese and veggies

Sara, my host mom, and her amazing Christmas feast

Yup, tortilla with cheese. And, lemonade. 

Dulces (candy):
Conserva de coco (this translates funny in English, but it's with coconut and really yummy!)

Are you hungry, yet?


  1. Yum! And I love the giant bottles of coke at the Christmas feast. Matt would fit right in :)

  2. It all looks good, but I'm just not sure about beans and coffee for breakfast.