Monday, December 19, 2011

La Misa, Parte Dos

Apparently, I have chosen some good Sundays to go to Mass.  I left my house later and ended up getting to church right before 10.  There were a TON of people outside, and I realized today was the youth mass/concert/party.  There was a parade going on, but I didn’t realize it was part of the celebration.

Mass didn’t begin until about 10:30, again.  So, I am thinking that it really does start then and not at 10.  Ha.  THREE songs were sung before the priest even came out.  They were all praise and worship type songs, many of which had hand motions.  One even had you tickle the person next to you!  I really have no idea what the songs were about specifically, but everyone was having a ton of fun.

Something I noticed last week, too, someone reads some sort of explanation of the first and second readings and the Gospel.  I think.  Of course I am only getting bits and pieces of things I understand.  I am not too sure why they do this.  It’s the only Catholic Church in town, so maybe they want to be sure people understand what’s happening during Mass?  The priest always tells us when to sit and stand, as well.  The only time that happens back home is when there are big Masses with attendees who are not Catholic.

Anywho… I wish I understood more, because again, the homily seemed to be good!  I am pretty sure he was addressing one’s vocation.  Because the Mass was dedicated to the youth, what better time to talk about it! :)

So, going up for communion is interesting.  I said last week that people are eager to get up there, and it took a few minutes before someone let me in line.  Last week, and this week, I noticed that everyone goes at different times.  Overall, each pew gets up, but not all at the same time.  So, it’s confusing when it’s actually your turn.  And, for those of you who are Catholic, the host can be a little different depending on what church you are at.  Most of the time, we receive the small ones, or if you are in front (or an alter server or Eucharistic minister) you can receive a piece of the broken big, main host (I don’t know if it’s called something different).  I go on this tangent, because the hosts at this church are HUGE!  Ha.  I mean, the deacon has to get a good hold on it to push it in my mouth, and I have to REALLY open my mouth, not reverently hold out my tongue.

I am really looking forward to Christmas Mass next Sunday.  My goal for this week is to find out if it’s at midnight or regular time… which is a good thing, huh?

Yesterday was the first time where I really felt tired and blah.  My tummy was a little upset, too.  So, I just basically was a lump on a log.  I watched Polar Express (in Spanish!) with my host-sister, read and vegged.  My host mom even made tomato soup.  It was delish!  She also made a concoction of soda water, lemon and salt for my stomach.  I thought it was nice gesture. :)  I hope that you all are doing well!!

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  1. I'm proud of you for trying to figure out what is going on. It sounds entertaining though. I can't imagine communion being that big. Maybe you should ask them to break it in half for you. :) I'm glad you're going and I'm so happy your host family is taking care of you. Feel better!