Saturday, December 17, 2011

Una Semana!

Well, now that I have been in Honduras for a week… A WEEK!  Una semana!  Ok, sorry.  I can’t believe it’s already been a week!  As I was saying, I would like to take this time to share some things that I have learned/found interesting/or just amusing (in no particular order).  Oh, and some pictures, as well!  Enjoy!
  1. I really enjoy tortillas, especially when they are fresh.
  2. It’s really hard to remember to throw away your toilet paper (in the trash, not the toilet) every time you go to the bathroom.
  3. It’s also really hard to not automatically turn the water on to brush your teeth (must use bottle!).
  4. Smells are really important to me (I have not taken my Nemo blanket out of my backpack because I am afraid of it losing it’s smell of home. Luckily, my bear has not).  The smells here are different, some are really nice, but some are not, and I am still getting used to it.
  5. As annoying and sometimes creepy the attention I (and any other non-Honduran woman) get from the men here, you can’t help but get a small boost of self-confidence.  Just a little.  Ha.
  6. The fresh fruit is AMAZING!  I am obsessed with the bananas.  I wish I could eat them more.
  7. American music plays everywhere.
  8. Watching/hearing the Honduran version or Spanish dubbed American commercials are really amusing.
  9. There is only one place to go dancing, but the teachers in the school do not recommend it.  All of the music that plays around here makes me just want to dance!
  10. Kids will be kids.  At the park, there was this cute little girl, maybe 2ish (reminded me of my niece Charlotte b/c her hair is still so short and light!), who kept walking close to me saying “Hola!” And, then her brother was running around so she followed him.  When she got bored of that, she pulled her shirt over her head and walked around.  It made me smile!
  11. If the power goes out (meaning, all of the power in the whole town), life doesn’t stop.  All of the stores are still open.  Even the cafes still serve coffee.
  12. Freshly made Honduran coffee is really good.
  13. It is HOT when the sun actually decides to stay out for a while.
  14. Some of the random dogs are really cute, and only want some love, which I am happy to provide.
  15. The fireworks/firecrackers go off all of the time.  I still jump when the big ones go off, no matter what.  (People just shoot them off in the street.  Kids and adults.  Can you say dangerous?)
  16. People are always willing to say hello, and I am always willing to respond with a hello and smile back.  (Reminds me of St. Therese and her little acts of love)
  17. The only people that refer to me by name are my Canadian friends.  (My host mom has not once called me by mom name, and then yesterday asked what my name was.  I was a little surprised. I did introduce myself, I promise)
  18. Even though I have a routine and am getting used to life, I still miss my family and friends.  A lot.
This is the inside of my house... but it's kind of outside, too. My room is the last door on the left.

Passing the river when I went horseback riding.

Me and Chica Loca (Crazy girl!) :)

Some kiddos trying to sell us their dolls from...

This is where the dolls are made.  A local Mayan tradition.  Japan has given them a grant, I believe.

Coffee ice cream!! Really good, and only 25 L which is just over a dollar.

Church, obviously. :)

The Parque decorated for Christmas.

My Canadian friends, Josee, Claire and Audrey.

The sun was finally out, so we had a pretty sunset. :)


  1. Jen, the host house looks like a wonderful place. Just wondering if they have signs that say 'slippery when wet" :-) See you soon.

  2. I wish I could say what your dad just said! I love you and miss you!